Commercial Department

Following a policy directive that the NCC become more self-sufficient, a Commercial Department was formed, comprising of the following sections:

  • Codrington Nursery and Garden Centre
  • Landscape Installation and Maintenance 
  • Indoor Plant Maintenance
  • Production of Play Equipment
  • Production of Landscape Related Items
  • Supply of Garden Supplies and Accessories such as plant pots, concrete slabs, forks, spades, rakes, etc

The department is responsible for the management of the Commission’s plant nursery, Garden Centre, Grass Nursery and provides Landscape and maintenance of landscape services for various public and private sector entities.

One of the commercial department’s early projects was the landscaping of the Dover Convention Centre. The department later undertook other major landscaping assignments at the new Grantley Adams International Air Terminal and the housing estates of the National Housing Corporation.

The department is responsible for the landscape works and maintenance of properties such as The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, the estates of the Barbados Industrial Development Corporation, the Almond Beach properties at Heywoods, St. Peter and Vauxhall, St. James, ,the Crystal Cove Hotel, the Turtle Beach Hotel and the Barbados National Terminal Company Ltd.

Our Social Commitment..

The National Conservation Commission is committed to adding social value in all its endeavors. We are of the firm belief, that the growth of any nation is dependent on the growth of the society as a whole. Ensuring that a nation’s recreational requirements are met is of primary concern, especially in a hectic work environment. The Commission’s social commitment to the Barbadian community is well established and its mandate in this regard is wide and varied.